Saturday, October 10, 2009

"faith" in small letters, not CAPS

     I have a confession: I am a news junkie. I almost never miss Charlie Gibson on World News Tonight, and I think Google Reader is the greatest invention as it draws articles from hundreds of different news sources and blogs for my perusal. I even have the news sectioned off by "Church," "World," "National," and "Local" so I can scan it section by section - pretty much the cyber equivalent of not letting the peas touch the mashed potatoes on your plate.

     Still, there are times when my soul gets overwhelmed by the 9/11's and schisms and Anglican councils and evening news. Some days I rekindle my faith by recognizing these things are just too big for me. On those days, it is enough to understand that I love people, that I can personally do some good in my own little corner of the world today, that I am grateful I have food and shelter, and that I need to remember to refill the bird feeders. Faith in small letters, not caps, is where I have to sometimes take refuge. I suspect that returning time and again to "faith" in small letters is what actually allows us to hit the shift key and type "FAITH" when faced with tragedy, illness, crisis - the big things in life.

     I'd like to tell you more, but I need to go put more seed in the bird feeders. It is getting cold here in the desert, and the birds kind of count on me.

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