Sunday, August 8, 2010

Having a Tough Nevada Cowboy Mentality

“…he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the thunderbolt;” – Job 28:26
     Most of my free time today was spent working in my backyard repairing a part of my sprinkler system. Deep in mud and rock, I was finally getting to the end of it, when the wind picked up. I didn’t think much of it; I was determined to finish the job today. Dark clouds moved in. I stopped for some refreshing iced tea made of black tea leaves combined with mint. I took my first sip, and the power went out – I heard distant thunder. I figured the power would come back on eventually; I wasn't worried. You can always tell when a storm is coming because the wind carries the distinct warm smell of wet sagebrush. I figured I had a little time yet, so undeterred, I went back to work. It began to rain. Now, rain in the desert isn’t like rain elsewhere; it usually stops after a few minutes hardly dampening the ground. I was getting wet, but it actually felt good after the long hot day in the sun. Suddenly, the thunder was much closer, and the rain began to come down hard. Am I one to be scared by a little thunder and rain, even the occasional flash of lightning? Not me. I’m made of tough Nevadan desert with a cowboy mentality to match. At least I wasn’t afraid… until the hail began. I gathered up everything and ran for the house. Part of having a tough Nevada cowboy mentality is also knowing when to get out of the way before you get toasted like a cheap marshmallow by a stray bolt of lightning.


  1. That was quite a video. Definetly a good idea to be indoors when something like that comes along. And hail, even tiny stuff, hurts. Izzie and I experienced a lulu like that in Wyo. hail the size of golf balls stripped branches from trees so badly that the city sent snow plows out to sweep the streets. A whole swath of town that included all the auto dealers was quite a mess. Izzie loved lying on the hailstones. Cooled her off.

  2.      Yes, wasn't that an amazing video? Watching lightning in slow motion really shows how powerful the strikes are.


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