Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simon's Cat in "Sticky Tape"

     Another wonderfully silly video from Simon Tofield!

     But now for the darker side. All cat owners (read "cat staff members") recognize the main reason we are tolerated by our furry overlords is because of our opposable-thumb-can-opening-ability thingie. But... what if cats had opposable thumbs... and formed gangs?


  1. Excellent. I was awakened this morning at some ungodly hour by one of the cats who has learned how to ring the doorbell chimes, sending the dogs into a tizzy. I cannot imagine what would happen if there were thumbs involved.

  2.      It's frightening isn't it, LKT. I made my cats leave the room when I watched that opposable thumb one – no point in giving them ideas.

  3. Two lovely videos. Thanks!
    The 2nd one has just started appearing on our channel 5 in the UK. I laughed myself sick the first time I saw it, but just a bit more nervously the next time.
    Wonderful though they are, their potential is frightening!


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