Sunday, July 19, 2009

Praise All Day Long

My bishop once commented that on Sundays, the earth is wrapped in twenty-four hours of praise and worship around the globe. Each country and people pass it along as the earth turns until it makes a complete circuit. This is an image that has stuck with me. It is a beautiful thought that you and I are all part of that great communion keeping God’s worship in the air for one complete rotation of the earth. Others begin earlier in the day, and then we rise up and do our part. We say our dismissal, the last notes fade from our worship, and we pass along the divine song to be picked up and carried by others.

     So, well done, Fiji, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, and Eastern Russia. Thank you for getting us started today!
     Good job picking up the worship China, Australia, and India!
     Slovakia, Greece, and South Africa: You came in right on time!
     Impressive enthusiasm Dubai, Turkey, and Finland!
     Brilliant singing today, England, France, Senegal, and rest of Western Europe!
     The Azores did superbly today keeping prayer aloft and tipping it off to the New World!
     Good catch, Greenland and Brazil!
     Cuba, Eastern US, and Ecuador began perfectly in synch!
     First-rate praise today, Mexico and US Midwest!
     Heads up! It’s our turn in Nevada! Grand organ music and harp this morning!
     Here Alaska and British Columbia, take it!
     Thank you for doing such a fine job finishing out our twenty-four hours of praise, Aleutian Islands, Hawaii, and French Polynesia!

     “Then my tongue shall tell of your righteousness and of your praise all day long.”

                    – Psalm 35:28


  1. Wonderful way to praise the creator and to remind us all that there are people praying around the globe at all hours.

  2. We are reminded of the round the world worship in some of our English hymns written in the period when the British Empire extended to the far reaches of our fragile planet Earth.

    Still, it's a lovely thought about the 24 hours of praises sung from around the world.

  3. This thought mirrors my usual morning devotion of recognizing that I don't have to go out and start something new - the new work has already begun while I was sleeping. It is just my job to notice and continue the work that God has already started in the world.


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