Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reno Carjacker Foiled by Stick Shift

     If it were not for the fear his victim, a fifty-seven year old registered nurse, must have experienced, you would almost feel sorry for this guy. His photo in the newspaper was just kind of pathetic.

     A 23-year-old man remained jailed Tuesday after Reno police said he allegedly returned his car jacking victim’s keys because he couldn't drive her manual transmission.
     Read the whole story here: Reno Gazette-Journal


  1. Hah, I now know why I first learned to drive on a stick shift. If I ever decide to try car jacking, I won't be viewed as hopelessly stupid.

  2.      Glad to hear you're more professional. One gets so weary of these amateur carjackers.

  3. Kids nowadays! They should have had a crack at the manual transmissions from back in the day. Remember 3-speeds on the column? My dad didn't like automatic transmission, so for me, it was shift, or don't drive (My older sister opted to not drive.). To this day, manual is my preference, and "The Bug" is manual -- It needs me!

  4.      Like you, KJ, I learned to drive with a three-speed on the column. I didn't get an automatic until two cars ago, and that was only because a manual wasn't available. They're getting harder and harder to find. At least with an automatic you don't have clutch repairs.


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