Sunday, August 9, 2009


     I spent over an hour yesterday, just working on weeds in one part of my yard that I had neglected for a few weeks. It has decorative rock, and getting the weeds out from in between all the rocks is a tough chore. I was on my hands and knees the entire time – compared to spraying, it is still the most effective way to get rid of weeds. I prefer to wear rawhide gloves while weeding – not much gets through them, and I get to feel a little bit like a cowboy.

     It is estimated there are hundreds of weed seeds ready to go in the first few inches of everyone’s topsoil. My definition of a weed is pretty much anything growing where I do not want it to grow. Many of the weeds in Nevada have a built in protection I call the “Oh-You-Got-Me-Sheriff-I’m-A-Goner” technique. You pull on the weeds, and they appear to tear out, but unless you grasp them deeply and firmly, they tear away from their roots and are in full business again within a day or two.

     I got a lot done. Here is the before and after picture of the section:

     I have a lot of weeds in both my yard and my life. Weeds in my life are things like not getting in better physical shape, procrastination, impatience, etc. What I know about weeding is probably true about life too. You have to weed, and then spray, and then weed some more – it just does not end. The weeds are always present, so maybe I should not be so shocked when they start sprouting again. The trick is just to spend a little time regularly weeding both my lawn and my life.


  1. How true. The problem with weeds in our lives is we will not pull deeply enough. Just a superficial cleaning so things look good, but it doesn't last. BTW your stone area looks great.

    The house I've moved into has lovely gardens that are overrun with weeds. The landlady is here for a few weeks and has said she wants to come over and weed. That's fine with me, after she leaves I should have time to go outside and do some myself. Generally I enjoy weeding, but not when the house is still a disaster area.

  2.      Weeding together might be a wonderful way to establish a relationship with your landlady. Weeding as an outreach ministry... I never thought of that.


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