Sunday, September 13, 2009


Photos by Bart     To attend the annual Reno Balloon Races, folks usually get up pretty early in the morning for what is called “Dawn Patrol” at 5:00 AM. That does not work too well for me on a Sunday morning, but this morning, the balloons came to us. We were having our coffee, gPhotos by Bartetting ready for church, when I kept hearing this “Whoosh… whoosh… whoosh” directly over the house. It was the sound of the flames shooting up into the balloons as they landed all around our neighborhood right in the middle of the street, following the drifting of the winds. Chase cars came and young and old came out of their houses to take pictures and talk to the crews. There is a wonder that fills your heart when you look up in the familiar sky of your neighborhood and see such massive color and people waving at you from hundreds of feet in the air!

Photos by Bart

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