Monday, January 11, 2010

Preaching Graph


  1. I do sympathise, it's a bit like writing essays - or speeches ( I do public speaking.)

  2. That rings true. What I really hate is realizing Saturday night that the sermon is crap and I need to start over.

  3.      You're right, Sue. Public speaking is public speaking. Maybe a priest has it easier than someone like you who does it for a living because we're doing it in front of our folks who know us (and maybe even expect us to be boring sometimes.)

         I once realized it on a Sunday morning, Amelia, and totally had to rewrite my sermon (argh!)

  4. I don't do public speaking for a living - unless you count the fact that I am a teacher.

    I do public speaking as a hobby and enter competitions - I've won a few but I'm not that good, honestly!

    I think preaching must be hard because it is always on the same topic (I know there are lots of different themes and areas within Christianity - but you know what I mean!)

    The worst thing about being a priest must be that it ruins your weekend :)


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