Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Chocolate & Lorna Doones

     Looking for a guilt-free snack in the evening? Here’s mine: Sugar-free diet hot chocolate and Nabisco’s 100-calorie pack of Lorna Doones. This combo is only 3 points on Weight Watchers (1 for the hot chocolate; 2 for the cookies). Curl up with this treat and a good book, and you’re set. Since I constantly have to keep an eye on my weight, I am open to any suggestions. So, what are your guilt-free treats?


  1. I'd rather feel guilty. Since I don't tend to put on much weight and don't tolerate sugar substitutes, I just eat small amounts of the really good stuff (i.e., things with butter and sugar) My usual guilt-free snacks are fresh fruit, especially berries and stone fruits. I can't wait for winter to end since at this time of year pears and apples are the fruits I eat, with an occasional splurge of berries.

  2. Frozen blueberries zapped for one minute in the microwave, served with a little light vanilla yogurt. Yum!

  3.      Ooh! These both sound like great suggestions!


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