Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cute Roulette

     Stressed?  Depressed?  Generally out of sorts?  I'm not sure the average parishioner understands how tough it is being a parish priest.  Don't despair, there's a new website that will take care of your stress in just minutes.  Cute Roulette shows you a random video of unbelievably adorable penguins, kitties, puppies, baby goats, etc. doing those incredibly cute penguin-kitty-puppy-baby goat things that makes even the most cynical and snarky of us go, "Awwww!"  After you watch the lovable video, just click the "Next Cuteness" arrow for another. 

     If you're not a priest, but laity, you deserve stress relief too, but you're probably able to figure out how long you'll need to watch the videos on your own.  Priests, however, tend to need some direction (just ask the Bishop).  So, if you're a priest and you're not sure how much time you need to spend on Cute Roulette to relieve your stress, please refer to the handy table below:

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